The Gaming Industry: A Brief History

Future Innovations

The gaming industry has changed a lot since its appearance in 1958 as a simple tennis game in a labrotory in Brookhaven. As time progressed, games began to have more complexity and mechanics than original classics such as Pong. Video games began to have more in depth stories and environemnts that were able to submerge a player into a new world that is different than our own. Though, as technology keeps advancing, games will only become more realistic to the point that one can not tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

This website will tell the beginnings of video games and where it originated from. Not only that but how it has progressed in terms of quality and definition from the first generations of video games and its consoles. Future technologies will also be discussed as it will show in what direction will this industry take gamers and the games it produced. Enjoy your stay and I hope you will learn a thing or two about video games.

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