The Gaming Industry: Future Innovations

Future Innovations

Though there is not much to say about what will happen in the years to come in the industry, one can only speculate what can occur. The current norm for video games is to use a console with a controller to take control of the actions that take place on screen. However, many people theorize that in the future controller will no longer be necessary since the main object that will have complete control of every motion will be a person's body. This is evident through companies such as Microsoft with the Kinect for Xbox, where the player's movement affects what happens in the game. Still, this is just the beginning of what the industry can actually do with the latest technology.

While there is much talk about how, in the future, games will become more and more realistic, what is more interesting to know is that, currently, there is research being conducted on how people can actually go into games and do things as if they were in the real world. In other words, one of the most likely innovations that will come in the future is virtual reality, where individuals can enter games and still possess all five senses while inside them. This topic has intrigued the gaming community and is receiving more recognition due to their being shows and books that descirbe a world where such tecnology exists(cough Sword Art). Though, as of today, there hasn't been much research done about virtual reality, and the technology to actually make such an experience is still in its primordial state or does not exist; not only that, it will take many years(and a hefty sum of capital) to create the appropriate machines to create this simulation. Despite the fact that virtual reality may not come in our lifetime, one should not be sadden for our future still holds many of the games and consoles that we will come to know and love, so go out there and get your game on!

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